Wooden A-Frame Cabin Crowns Alpine Mountaintop

5 Jan

Wooden A-Frame Cabin Crowns Alpine Mountaintop

Set in one of the most impressive natural environments we’ve ever seen, this diminutive A-frame by Giovanni Pesamosca Architects sits high among the Italian portion of the Alps. Built in memory of prolific hiker Luca Vuerich, the little abode provides shelter for those trekking along a famed trail. Its pointed shape comes from a triangular truss structure, reminiscent of mountain crests. Constructed from medium-tone wood and prefab outer sheets, the refuge is a warm-toned beacon for hardcore travelers among the grey gargantuan mounds of nature. The cabin accommodates groups of up to nine hikers in comfort, with built-in bunks and a reminder of human comforts out in the wilderness.

The construction of the cabin was a feat in itself, requiring airlifts of supplies and a precisely-measured level base for the floor. A team of builders, many of whom knew Vuerich personally, hiked or were flown to the crest of the cabin’s ridge, where they completed the entire building process in less than a single day. Because of its remoteness, the A-frame’s design is conscious of the inability to maintain it constantly, and uses smart and long-lasting construction and architecture methods to keep it in good shape for decades to come. Over those coming decades, it will play host to many of the world’s premier hikers and most fearless adventurers seeking the supreme awe of nature in the Italian Alps.


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